Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Queen Laura

This last weekend I had a wonderful opportunity to get to know my best friends mother "Laura". Becki  and her family had gone away for the weekend to Sacramento California, and asked me to care for her mother while they were gone. She was one of the sweetest ladies to spend time with, very appreciative and humorous. She has always been a very independent women and I can tell it was hard for her to have me watch over every move she made, she was asking why I was setting out her clothes for her and cooking for her etc.. she would say" I can do it my self"!
 I told her that I was informed that she was now a queen, and I was to serve her every need. I just so happen to spot a beautiful Royal Kings crown in her closet, and I  remembered Logan had received after being crowned Prom king,  I pointed out that here was the Kings crown and I knew her's was somewhere around here. Luckily I found it in Kylee's room (thanks Kylee)