Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Room make over!

I wish I had before pictures but I didnt think about it. Chris's newest obsession is horses and everything that goes along with it he's been working at the south Jordan rodeo on tuesday nights and is in heaven. He just loves the whole thing, Jerry just sits drolling over the opportunities Chris has had. He is always trying to go with Chris to the rodeo but it hasn't worked out for him yet. So Chris wanted a more western look to his room, luckily This was my style many years ago so I had a few things put away.

"Cowboy up or stay in the truck"

A couple of years ago Jerry and I were at a yard sale and this man was giving out these sketches he drew (he was amazing) this one is of a cowboy adjusting his belt, his buckle says "Holiness to the Lord"

this is his sports corner.

Monday, December 19, 2011

I was inspired!

My newest addiction (like I really need another one) is Pinterest, I love it ! recently I found that someone put together a hot chocolate bar together although mine is not as great as the one I saw but I sure had fun putting this one together. I made the labels on my computer with a bit of scrap booking paper in the back.
 This will make our family home evening that more special. don't you think??