Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Sweet Surprise!

So I started bringing out my fall decor and started at the front door, One of the first things that I did was change my flowers from summer to fall. When I took the summer flowers out of this metal hanging vase that hangs on the brick wall next to my from door I found a sweet surprise.....check it out!
Since we have a waterfall out front that usually attracts hundreds of birds, I guess one of them thought it was a perfect place to start a family.....What a sweet surprise!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Can You Smell it?

Okay.....So really I don't bake, but something is in the air that is really getting me excited about Fall.
 It could very well be me talking a lot to my sister Lisa about all the plans we have for the holidays. I am so ready to season up my front porch with Fall decor, is it too early? Well today I had the chance to pick some WONDERFUL peaches at my moms and decided to make a peach cobbler, (for some reason that reminds me of being little). Well I googled a recipe and it really only took a few minutes is wonderful!
 I know I know I'm on a diet but a  bite don't count....does it?  :)