Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cowboy Chris???

Gosh I remember not too long ago Christopher hated I mean hated any country music, but this last year he started working on this farm near our home run by a great family (Hamilton's) and since then he's becoming very interested in horses and they have been teaching him to ride, well a couple of  weeks ago he came home and said "mom I need cowboy boots and a cowboy hat" I couldn't believe it, it just cracked me up I never thought I'd hear those words out of his mouth, he claimed he needs them for working on the farm. Chris is probably one of the bravest kids I know and is not one bit self conscience, then what topped it off he asked if we knew who Garth brooks was and it was like music to Jerry's ears! I do believe Jerry was in heaven that is his favorite music. Now Chris is learning a ton of country songs which is perfect for his range and is having a blast learning to be a real cowboy! here he is on his way to work which he will be rounding up about a dozen horses today!!! He still cracks me up! How fun it must be to be Chris.


Lisa said...

This style fits him well....YEE HAW!!

Lisa said...

Hey cowboy! That is something he is going to hear a lot from the girls i am afraid :) He is way too cute! How fun for him and you guys! He does look might cute in them there boots and hat and such.

Regina and Jim said...

AHHHH That last Blog was from me. Don't ask me how I got on as Lisa, but I did. Anyway, still thinking Chris is way too cute!